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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "Hot on the heals of Oracle's revamp of Solaris support, the licensing agreement for free downloads of Solaris 10 have changed. Here is the bit in question: "...Please remember, your right to use Solaris acquired as a download is limited to a trial of 90 days, unless you acquire a service contract for the downloaded Software". So far the OpenSolaris license has not changed, it's still CDDL."
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RE[2]: and who uses Solaris ?
by xaeropower on Tue 30th Mar 2010 23:13 UTC in reply to "RE: and who uses Solaris ?"
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"Super high" loads like what? scientific applications?

I had linux and bsd servers with super high loads mostly used for lamp, web loadbalancers and they do just as well.

The only reason why Solaris, AIX still has market because some mission critical systems are built with them and they provide abilities such as hotswapping cpus,memory etc. or keep running in case of kernel panic.

I never had to work with solaris more than install and maintain it but my opinion is that its a major crap system and all the pros I heard from people like you is exactly like this.
80% of the ISPs use solaris, for what?
Asterisk works better on solaris, orly?
Write down a list of 10 applications which really scales better on it. I think you couldn't because those are all inhouse developed applications what you never heard of.

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