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Games That Sony is a company known for its rather... Unfortunate stance towards DRM and copyright infringement should come as no surprise to anyone, after they more or less crippled the MiniDisc format with DRM, installed rootkits on users' machines, and started removing features from the PlayStation 3. That last one doesn't seem to end well: George Hotz, the famous iPhone hacker and the first to crack the PS3's security, has vowed to bring Linux support back to the PS3.
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RE: Comment by Einlander
by Alleister on Wed 31st Mar 2010 13:25 UTC in reply to "Comment by Einlander"
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You are missing the fact that you wont be able to play future games either and you don't modify the firmware by installing Linux on the PS3, it was an advertised feature.
That is like saying it was okay for Sony to remove BlueRay playback in the next firmware because if you want to play games or use PSN you have to play by their rules. It is not that simple. Removing advertised features by blackmailing with the disability to use core functionality is illegal in many European countries.

I wonder about the puzzlement though. It is not like Sony didn't have demonstrated earlier that they can't be trusted and i halve expected this to happen sooner or later to linux support.

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