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Windows As geeks, we're well aware of the importance of running as a normal user instead of as root (UNIX/Linux/BSD) or administrator (Windows). However, while this should be common knowledge to anyone reading OSNews, it's often hard to illustrate just how important it is - until now, that is. A report by BeyondTrust looked at how many security bulletins issused by Microsoft are mitigated by simply... Not running as administrator.
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RE: Not entirely...
by google_ninja on Wed 31st Mar 2010 18:03 UTC in reply to "Not entirely..."
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It is the problem though, if you give someone broad sudo priviledges, all it takes is a sudo bug and you effectively have full control. If you do not run as the user with full privileges, it takes a lot more effort. With linux its a fairly moot point though, because the people interested in hacking it are only targeting environments that would never run that way.

Exact same principal for windows. First windows user is in the "administrators" group, but they still need to go through a dialog for something to execute with admin rights. Proper way to do it is not run daily stuff under an admin account, and run things as the admin account as needed.

The problem is that people are so irritated with having to hit "Ok" to run something as admin, they would be even MORE irritated if it required a username/password.

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