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Podcasts Catching up on the last few weeks of news, we give time to false rumours being spread about Palm, only adding to their unfortunate pile of woes at this moment. Deja vu strikes with us discussing Windows Phone 7 Series not having copy and paste and won't allow third party apps outside of the marketplace store. Internet Explorer 9; could this really be the end of excuses for developers clinging to IE6? The ticking timb bomb that is H.264 and why Theora isn't necessarily the answer. We end on Adobe Flash--will Adobe take the opportunity to embrace what is happening with HTML5, or keep up their assault on Apple? All and more in this episode of the OSnews Podcast.
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RE: Comment by Beachchairs
by elgeb on Thu 1st Apr 2010 00:19 UTC in reply to "Comment by Beachchairs"
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These "Palm should have..." comments drive me nuts. "Why did they go for Sprint and why exclusive for so long? Why not Verizon right away?"

It's so clear, it's stupid: in December 08, a month before the Pre was announced (not shipping, just announced), Palm stock was at $1 or so. The company was dying.
Why didn't they ship right away, why was no one allowed to touch a Pre until it was shipping? Because webOS was just not ready.

I bet Sprint was the ONLY carrier they could get. JLG's claims about trying to play Verizon like they were Apple are just claims backed by no evidence. Why would any major carrier bet that Palm could pull off a turn around when the product was NOT even working then?... And by judging webOS 1.0, they could have used a few more months, but then again, they probably had NO CHOICE and shipped what they had, despite the problems we know (miserable battery life in particular).
We all heard that Verizon was very picky about the devices they carry, testing them for months. How would that line up with Palm's 100% new webOS?... Anyone suggesting that Palm should have gone with Verizon at launch are just wishful thinkers.
Who remains if Verizon is out? AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile. AT&T had the iPhone, and no reason to rock that boat. T-Mobile was already in bed with Android at the time. Remains Sprint and no one else.

Let's stop taking Palm for more stupid than they are: if they went with Sprint exclusive until 2010, chances are they had no choice at all.

As for why isn't the Pre available everywhere? Because it's a lot of work & effort to support any new carrier.
Why didn't they ship the PDK earlier? How about because it wasn't ready?
Why couldn't international users buy apps from the catalog until 1.4.1 released today? Because that wasn't ready!
Why don't they ship webOS 5.0 today? Because it's not ready either...

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