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Legal I guess this is what some people would call "karma". Apple may shout off the rooftops that it invented multitouch, and that anyone else using it is clearly stealing it from them - but another company has taken offence to that, and has slapped the Cupertino giant with a patent infringement suit over multitouch.
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RE[3]: Why apple is evil
by Neolander on Thu 1st Apr 2010 14:05 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Why apple is evil"
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Was going to say the same thing, "New at 11! Company does what it wants with it OWN PRODUCTS!! Something so evil has never been seen before!" (...)

Old Apple saying based on exaggeration to avoid the real problem. To make a comparaison with everyday objects, making a new kind of drill, but making it incompatible with standard drill bits is not.

Sorry, as above poster said new technologies is one of the dumbest reason you could state as to why Apple is evil.

My problem is not about new technologies like Cocoa, but about making it Objective C-only. It's nothing new, it's just incompatible.

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