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Legal I guess this is what some people would call "karma". Apple may shout off the rooftops that it invented multitouch, and that anyone else using it is clearly stealing it from them - but another company has taken offence to that, and has slapped the Cupertino giant with a patent infringement suit over multitouch.
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RE[6]: Good news?
by twitterfire on Thu 1st Apr 2010 14:55 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Good news?"
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There's a difference between patenting new technology and patenting a fairly standard idea.
Most of Apples patents were so absurdly run-of-the-mill that short of all smart phones defaulting to a CLI, there was bound to be infringements.

For example: "using a gesture to unlock a phone" is hardly innovative. Gestures to unlock devices have been standard practice whether it's a hardware switch to flip open a laptop lid to a key you turn to open a door. Apple wasn't pioneering a revolution there, they were patenting the bloody obvious.

This is the american patent system at it's best: permitting companies like Apple to patent general ideas and obvious things. Tomorrow we will hear that Apple has patented the wheel, and we must pay royalties to Apple if we own a car, a bike or even a wheelchair.

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