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Apple With the release day of the iPad fast approaching, it's time for the usual lucky few to shine their lights on Apple's new device. As usual, these first-hand reviews by blogging heavyweights are incredibly positive (with a few notable exceptions), and if they are correct in their predictions, then the iPad will change everything in computing.
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What is with...
by cutterjohn on Thu 1st Apr 2010 14:58 UTC
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...Apple and their non-removeable batteries? Is it a not-so-subtle-hint-to-you that you need to buy a new Apple product when the battery no longer holds a charge? Or gift them with some extra cash to do it for you?

That's just another thing that has turned me off from Apple products ever since they started this with their notebooks. Geez I remember the old powerbooks you could pull the optical drive and put in a second battery ffs!

Yes I know that they really are replaceable if you don't mind voiding the warranty(if you sprung for Apple's extended warranty and the battery dies before it expires, but that's unlikely) or in the case of the VAST majority of users who will just never be able to replace the battery on their own.

This can't simply be a liability case as MOST other electronics still ship with user-replaceable batteries. I wonder if their mbs come with soldered on batteries as well, built-in planned obsolescence.

Anyways, where are some of these negative articles? Be nice to see some of those to help wipe up the fanboi drooling.

Screen sizes: just wait until you start seeing the fragmentation of the iPhone/iPod apps and iPad apps as happened with other devices with varying screen size. I imagine that there will be a fair number that will be iPad only if it takes off, and while the iPad could run lower res apps in a smaller "window" they always look like crap with all of that extra space around, and scaling never seems to workout all that well either, especially on LCD screens where you don't get any "free" analog "filtering". Shrinking an iPad app to screen size would be equally awful, but just maybe, Apple was smart enough to come up with a way that would allow apps to "naturally" scale to device screen size and still look relatively "good".

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