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Windows As geeks, we're well aware of the importance of running as a normal user instead of as root (UNIX/Linux/BSD) or administrator (Windows). However, while this should be common knowledge to anyone reading OSNews, it's often hard to illustrate just how important it is - until now, that is. A report by BeyondTrust looked at how many security bulletins issused by Microsoft are mitigated by simply... Not running as administrator.
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Tell me where I stated that I wanted to remove win32 compatibility - that is, the removal of the win32 subsystem.

Well, you stated you think Microsoft needs to remove all backward compatibility. The win32 subsystem, parts of it anyway, have long been deprecated by Microsoft. You don't think, if Microsoft were to remove backwards compatibility, they'd take the opportunity to push WPF and .NET exclusively? Of course, in typical MS fashion, they'd leave some undocumented and obscure hooks in to give their products an advantage over anyone else's, but I guarantee you if they started a brand new Windows, with brand new subsystems, public access to Win32 would be axed in a hurry.

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