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Apple With the release day of the iPad fast approaching, it's time for the usual lucky few to shine their lights on Apple's new device. As usual, these first-hand reviews by blogging heavyweights are incredibly positive (with a few notable exceptions), and if they are correct in their predictions, then the iPad will change everything in computing.
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Why computers are magical
by ElCabri2 on Thu 1st Apr 2010 15:41 UTC
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What's really magical, in a deep way, about personal computers is the bootstrap-ability. Knowing that, in theory, the computer itself is sufficient to define and transform what the computer does. That's why home computers where magical to us 30-somethings and to our parents back then and our families, before they objectively had any real usefulness at all, before the internet and multimedia. A computer could be anything you want it to be, all you needed was the computer itself.

What pisses me off with the iPad is the spite for that notion that it embodies. And it looks like it's a Steve Jobs thing too -- even back in the 80s the Macintosh was design with development and customization as a distant second thought.

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