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Multimedia, AV In line with the current torrent of articles on the H.264 and Theora debate, I feel that is it unfair for the "pragmatists" to talk about Theora as if it is a stupid ideal that is useless to consumers. This article will focus on defining the terms of the debate used and make the case that Theora has a reason, if not a chance.
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RE: get it done fast AND right.
by mabhatter on Fri 2nd Apr 2010 02:03 UTC in reply to "get it done fast AND right."
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Support both video codecs. Game over.

That's always been my problem! Sure, Theora is inferior now, but it's license allows it to be improved or adapted. The real issue is that half the browser makers specifically REFUSE to include Theora or Vorbis.... it has some to do with technology, but mostly to do with licensing and money. They have paid off the patent cartels and shifting everybody to FATEX, h.264, MP3Pro, JPEG 2000 puts a nice "glass ceiling" between the deep pockets and the garage kids.

Effectively, we're returning to the 1980's were each system was locked down to playing only "approved" software (locked at the time to physical chips) and while hackers were tolerated then, they've been legally locked out now. Apple is making a killing on locked down iTunes and iPhones. Microsoft's only interesting stuff is Windows Mobile 7, Zune, and Xbox... all locked down too. Nintendo is locked down, Sony is locked down as much as they can without going out of business. Give another 2-3 years and Linux/Open Source Software will be so cornered by DMCA, Patents, and ATCA that it will be it's own "closed system" because the ability to interface with any other system will be legally locked down.

This whole thing is about big players choosing to lock out "free" competition. This is all about the true colors and the "club" doesn't mind using Open Source all day but if they have an edge like h.264 they're not going to budge.

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