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Apple With the release day of the iPad fast approaching, it's time for the usual lucky few to shine their lights on Apple's new device. As usual, these first-hand reviews by blogging heavyweights are incredibly positive (with a few notable exceptions), and if they are correct in their predictions, then the iPad will change everything in computing.
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Same here ... first program I wrote for my college Intro to Computing class was done on a keypunch. The VT100's & DECWRITER terminals were a godsend compared to that.

The iPad, whether it meets anyone's particular wants or needs, is an amazing achievement. Yes, I know, I know - "but, it doesn't have feature XYZ, therefore it's backwards/useless/insulting!" Is anyone holding a gun to anyone's head to purchase one? If they are, maybe you need to consider moving to a more peaceful neighborhood ;)

I like what I see, but I'll wait until I get a chance to try one before I make the leap. I did the same with my iPod Touch - it looked interesting, but I was skeptical until I held one and was able to play with it. That sold me. The thought of an "iPhone/touch on steroids" sounds just about perfect to me. I love the interface and the example apps I've seen look very useful.

For the current business I work in, one of these things might do an amazing job freeing me from my desk, allowing me to do meaningful database queries in the distribution center I work at. Yes, my iPod touch can do some of that already, but this new device has a much larger screen, and looks just as ridiculously easy to operate. Can't wait to see if my impressions match the reality.

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