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Multimedia, AV In line with the current torrent of articles on the H.264 and Theora debate, I feel that is it unfair for the "pragmatists" to talk about Theora as if it is a stupid ideal that is useless to consumers. This article will focus on defining the terms of the debate used and make the case that Theora has a reason, if not a chance.
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by rdoyle720 on Fri 2nd Apr 2010 13:59 UTC
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Something I've realized in the past few years is that "get it done right" and "get it done now" are not mutually exclusive.

"Get it done now" often proves if an idea is worth pursuing at all. The "get it done now" attitude of sites like YouTube, Hulu, etc. led to an explosion of video on the web. The reason there's a video tag in HTML5 is so many sites using Flash showed that video on the web is a good idea. Imagine if YouTube or Hulu had waited to "do it right" -- wait for the W3C to come up with the spec, wait for browser vendors to implement it, wait for a codec to be standardized on...if they had done that, they'd still be waiting.

The other thing to remember in this debate is none of this is forever. The web is an ever changing place. A decision on a codec will not be etched in stone for eternity, it will change. And as it changes, sites will change too. They did it when Flash changed from the Spark to the On2 codec, they did it when Flash starting supporting H.264, they're doing it now to migrate from Flash players to native players.

Certainly express your opinion on the proper codec to whoever will listen, but dragging your feet if you don't get your way in the name of "right" and "wrong" isn't going to get you anywhere.

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