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Web 2.0 In November last year I stated that it would only be a matter of time before it happened. Also in November Joel Webber, a Google engineer had the inspiration to port Quake II to HTML5 from Jake2--a Java port of Quake II--using Google Web Toolkit; the same toolkit used for writing Google Mail | Maps | Wave in Java and compiling into JavaScript. With the help of two other Google engineers (Ray Cromwell and Stefan Haustein) in "20% time", it works! Just!
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Its an 1. April fool!
by theuserbl on Fri 2nd Apr 2010 15:52 UTC
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If you haven't seen it:

The story at
was written on the April, 1st.

And the sourcecode at
was completly cheched in on April, 1st.
And later comes nothing.

Not only that it is annoyed, to read on 1st April all the April fools.
Additional there are on the 2nd April and after it "news", which cite old April fools, which the new writer haven't realized as April fool.

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