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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Common sense has prevailed (see bold text)! "The final decision on window controls for 10.04 LTS is as follows: the window controls will remain on the left, however the order will change to be (from left) close, minimize, maximise. The decision is based on the view that putting the close button in the corner will be most familiar to many users, even if the particular choice of corner is not."
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RE: Mimicking Mac?
by liber on Fri 2nd Apr 2010 18:16 UTC in reply to "Mimicking Mac?"
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I have always put my window buttons like that (even before Mac os x came around). Why? Well, because it is more consistent if everything controlling the app (menu, toolbar etc) is at the same place.

I have changed this a little bit the last year keeping strict windowmanaging tasks on the upper right (over/below others, on every desktop and the window icon, since I only use that for virtual desktop stuff).

I think this move is a good move.

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