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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While entire contingents of media are getting twists in their knickers over the ucpoming iPad launch, we'd almost forget that other tablet we've talked about a lot - the Joo Joo. It was delayed a few times, but right now, it's finally shipping, and Engadget already has received theirs. The iPad is more important to Engadget, so we'll have to wait a bit for a real review, but they have lots of photos and a quick video of the device and its UI.
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by cutterjohn on Sat 3rd Apr 2010 15:48 UTC
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WTH?! Did NONE of these devices implement handwritten character recognition? That's a HUGE step backwards from the Newton and even the HWR that Paragraph had for wince(and I do).

Although I must say that I didn't expect to see it ship with HWR on an Android based device although I wouldn't at all be surprised to see it as a separate daemon process later with associated controller app. OTOH I'm VERY surprised that Apple didn't ship with HWR given what they had for the Newton and the superior processing capabilities of the iPad. Seems kind of silly.

Book reading, unfortunately isn't all that appealing to me either as I tend to read outdoors in the summer and have yet to see an LCD that can reach an adequate brightness level(or filtering) that is comfortably readable in sunlight which is why I was interested in eInk as the ONLY other close display would be mono(greyscale) LCDs however they have an unfortunate tendency to darken when exposed to heat in the form of direct or fairly direct sunlight.

Being able to browse the web w/video is nice, but I still think that I'd have to go with Nook or Spring Design's Alex still again for outdoor readability. Unfortunately eInk(and clones) will never be able to handle video as their low power designed to shutoff after screen updates... but still sunlight readability easily trumps video display. When I'm in the house or suitably shaded areas I've either got a desktop or notebook which renders these things kind of useless sort of like opting to use a carving knife rather than a swiss army knife to carve the roast.

I suppose ONE place where it MIGHT be handy is in a car, but I people drive like crap already when trying to talk on the phone or text, and this would merely exacerbate that problem. Of course if it had an integrated GPS receiver...

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