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GNU, GPL, Open Source It's a simple equation. Results = Developers x Time; and for Songbird, it's not working out. Yesterday, they announced they will drop Linux support in favour of Windows, Mac and to meet plans to include video features in the next release. The comments are intensely angry, as you can imagine. An untested Linux version will be kept around "for use by our Songbird engineers who develop on the Linux platform".
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RE: Video support?
by monodeldiablo on Sun 4th Apr 2010 00:22 UTC in reply to "Video support?"
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I feel exactly the same, so I wrote a little music player called Hum to scratch my itch. It uses the same amount of memory, no matter how much music you have, because it piggybacks on top of Tracker for search.

It's young, it's simple, and it needs more love to clean up the UI and make all the menus and buttons work as they should, but it's already a mainstay on my wife's netbook...

As an aside, Tracker is possibly the coolest part of the Linux desktop that nobody talks about. As soon as it gets write-back support for file metadata, most programs become almost trivial to write.

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