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Apple Yeah, just in case people think we forgot: Apple launched its iPad today. It's just that since the rest of the web is pretty much clogged with iPad "news" items at this point, I don't really know what to add; who'd you rather hear from, someone who owns one, or someone like me, the small orphan child pressing his face to the glass of a candy shop full of delight he can't afford (because he lives in the wrong country)? About the only meaningful item I've seen today is Engadget's iPad review, so let's take a quick look at that one.
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by NathanHill on Sun 4th Apr 2010 01:07 UTC
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You should have linked to the iFixIt website where they tore one apart.

But, I bought an iPod Touch.. well, I really didn't buy one. My sister-in-law got a Macbook as a student, and the iPod Touch came free. I thought it would just be fun to tinker with, listen to music... but now, I use it constantly.

If I want to check my email - it's almost instant without having to sit down or wake up a laptop or whatever.

If I want to post to twitter or a quick thing to my blog, yes, more cumbersome than a good keyboard but it's fast (since I leave my desktop off most of the time).

If I want to look up something or check my bank account balance or whatever, near instant.

Plus, I can keep it in my pocket wherever I go. (Plus = Madden 2010 and other assorted games...)

The iPad is just an extension of that. I was on board with the idea of an iPhone, but an iPhone without a phone? Lame, right? Wrong. It's pretty rad and useful. (Now I want an iPhone more than ever before.)

So, yeah, some folks will still need their notebook, but for a lot of folks who don't do website design or who write important documents at work, it's an instant on media and internet powerhouse that may just be fun to use. I have yet to try one out either, so I am not planning on getting one until I get to demo it a little.

But if it's slick, my laptop is out the door.

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