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GNU, GPL, Open Source It's a simple equation. Results = Developers x Time; and for Songbird, it's not working out. Yesterday, they announced they will drop Linux support in favour of Windows, Mac and to meet plans to include video features in the next release. The comments are intensely angry, as you can imagine. An untested Linux version will be kept around "for use by our Songbird engineers who develop on the Linux platform".
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RE[3]: Video support?
by monodeldiablo on Sun 4th Apr 2010 01:53 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Video support?"
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Have you tried it? The UI is actually a lot simpler (the search dialog is dynamic, so it slides down only if there are search results) than it appears.

If you have some constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it... "plain hideous", while cute, is hardly helpful. What, specifically, don't you like?

edit: I copied most of the UI from Rhythmbox, but stripped out the crap I didn't need. If the image is cluttered, blame big fonts (I have terrible eyesight) and poor screen resolution (netbook). An alternate image of the UI -- sans search results pane -- is here:

Also, I do accept bugs reports. ;)

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