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Multimedia, AV In line with the current torrent of articles on the H.264 and Theora debate, I feel that is it unfair for the "pragmatists" to talk about Theora as if it is a stupid ideal that is useless to consumers. This article will focus on defining the terms of the debate used and make the case that Theora has a reason, if not a chance.
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RE: get it done fast AND right.
by gustl on Sun 4th Apr 2010 18:46 UTC in reply to "get it done fast AND right."
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Supporting both codecs would definitely the best solution.

But, as H264 is incompatible with free software licenses like the MPL, it will have to be supported as a downloadable plug-in, available only in countries which don't allow math to be patented.

In countries which allow patents on math (like the USA), H264 plugins will need to be payed for.

On the other hand, providing support for Theora in a browser costs next to NOTHING, so I as a user want to know why so many browser makers outright refuse to include it. If a feature is there, and users actually don't use it, so what? This feature makes the browser better, why not include it?

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