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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "There is a lot of misconception around support for multitasking in the iPhone and its giant cousin, the iPad. What follows is my analysis of the situation. I am not privy to any insider Apple information. Moreover, while my knowledge is certainly colored by my work on Android, I'm not drawing a comparison or using any Google-specific knowledge." Interesting stuff about how Android does multitasking.
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The difference stands in when you write your application to know how you do it. If you know exactly the hardware, as is on console you can show-off. As smart-phones attack right now the low end computers, they want to impress with rich graphics and lot of buzz. Just for that reason I think that those OSes do not preserve the full capabilities of the OS. It is like DOS in the past: it can show much more than a laggy Windows 95 when it split the PC resources over more applications.

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