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Apple Yeah, just in case people think we forgot: Apple launched its iPad today. It's just that since the rest of the web is pretty much clogged with iPad "news" items at this point, I don't really know what to add; who'd you rather hear from, someone who owns one, or someone like me, the small orphan child pressing his face to the glass of a candy shop full of delight he can't afford (because he lives in the wrong country)? About the only meaningful item I've seen today is Engadget's iPad review, so let's take a quick look at that one.
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RE: 80/20
by vodoomoth on Mon 5th Apr 2010 00:41 UTC in reply to "80/20"
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But I could see, if I had one, I'd rather watch a movie on it than the iPod, for obvious reasons.

Anyone will agree with that. At least me.

And I think the iPad is a better movie experience than a laptop. Not having the bulky, heavy unit heating my legs lying in bed seems like a win to me.

Are you kidding? In what aspect is it a "better movie experience"? I would say the contrary and here are the reasons. A laptop has a horizontal side (keyboard) and a (possibly) vertical side (the screen). That makes it sit where you put it and allows you to watch a movie without holding it. No looking for a way to keep it steady *and* at the right angle for your comfortable watching. How do you do that with the iPad? Plus, most movies are 16:9 these days while "old" ones are 4:3. The iPad, when docked, is 3:4, which is more relevant to reading than watching. Not to mention the fixed angle! Unless one can grow one or two additional fully formed arms at will, I wonder what will happen to the pizza and beer...

I understand "being interested in" or "not against the idea of". I don't understand this specious "being a better movie experience than a laptop" thing. The iPad will NEVER beat my aging 17-inch Amilo Xi2528 despite the heavy 4.2 kg, as far as watching movies is concerned. Same goes with the EeePC netbook running XP, maybe not as snappy as the Apple products (this is the soft spot I have for my MacBook Pro speaking) but so much more reactive than Windows "turtle" Vista.

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