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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "There is a lot of misconception around support for multitasking in the iPhone and its giant cousin, the iPad. What follows is my analysis of the situation. I am not privy to any insider Apple information. Moreover, while my knowledge is certainly colored by my work on Android, I'm not drawing a comparison or using any Google-specific knowledge." Interesting stuff about how Android does multitasking.
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My BlackBerry has a 312 MHz CPU and 64 MB RAM, and supports multitasking. It also has an uptime of one and a half years!

My old Windows Mobile devices had multitasking with similar CPU and RAM. I could play music, download something with the web browser, and play a game all at the same time, and I could keep the messaging applications open. The UI was certainly not very good at it.

On my iPhone, responding to a text message while listening to music and then returning to iPod takes entirely way too long.

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