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Apple Yeah, just in case people think we forgot: Apple launched its iPad today. It's just that since the rest of the web is pretty much clogged with iPad "news" items at this point, I don't really know what to add; who'd you rather hear from, someone who owns one, or someone like me, the small orphan child pressing his face to the glass of a candy shop full of delight he can't afford (because he lives in the wrong country)? About the only meaningful item I've seen today is Engadget's iPad review, so let's take a quick look at that one.
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RE: News media shills for Apple
by Ripples on Mon 5th Apr 2010 01:19 UTC in reply to "News media shills for Apple"
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Wow, you are ready to write off the iPad and its competitors right now because of the failed "tablet computing" concept. Let me tell you why all of the other tablets failed ... tablet computers are not desktop or laptop computers, and they were designed with poor UIs to boot. Until now, that is what everyone needed when they needed a computer. With internet and wifi available everywhere, some people at times just need to check twitter, email, listen to music, and maybe browse the web or watch a show on Netflix or something (maybe on the bus or in the back of a car). Guess what works great for that?

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