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GNU, GPL, Open Source It's a simple equation. Results = Developers x Time; and for Songbird, it's not working out. Yesterday, they announced they will drop Linux support in favour of Windows, Mac and to meet plans to include video features in the next release. The comments are intensely angry, as you can imagine. An untested Linux version will be kept around "for use by our Songbird engineers who develop on the Linux platform".
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Mashtape and Shoutcast.
by andydread on Mon 5th Apr 2010 02:53 UTC
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Anyone know how to get a mashtape like option working in Rythmbox or Amarok? How about a decent shoutcast plugin for the current versions of Amarok or Rythmbox? Is there a way to do this without spending a whole afternoon compiling code? In Songbird all one had to do is add the shoutcast extention. Also browsing to in Songbird on Linux allowed you to play anything on Shoutcast directly in Songbird very quickly. No having to add url to a playlist and such arcane steps of copying and pasting url from a browser. How do I do that in Amarok or Rythmbox. On Linux Songbird allow me to play music from any source in one application very very easily. As it is now without that I have to use Firefox then launch Totem to play shoutcast on Linux this is going back about 10 years. Songbird did all this in one App. No launching a bunch of external apps just to play music in different formats. This sux big time.

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