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Apple Even we are eager with iPad news - especially this variety. How long has the iPad been out and about in the US? A day or so? Yeah, pretty much. That's all it took: the iPad has already been jailbroken. Rooted. This means that if you didn't plan on buying the iPad because you don't want to be shackled to Apple, and were waiting for a jailbreak, you won't have to wait long.
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RE: Textmate
by iaefai on Mon 5th Apr 2010 04:01 UTC in reply to "Textmate"
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I respect your statement because it is in general true.

But I believe it should be noted that Adobe/Macromedia had plenty of opportunity to create a stable flash plugin, and failed miserably.

They don't even have a 64 bit plugin, and we have known about the need for one [coming up] for over half a decade.

So while he may be doing this on emotion, there are some practical examples of their incompetence that would lead him to not want it anywhere near his shiny new toy.

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