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Games A different take on Sony's removal of the Other OS feature of fat PS3s. "The reality probably is that Sony loses money on every PS3 it sells, counting on game sales to make up for the loss in revenue. Academic institutions using PS3s for clusters aren't likely to buy games or engage in online commerce. That's why, when you hear that the US military was planning to buy 2200 PS3 consoles to upgrade an existing PS3-based supercomputing cluster, Sony doesn't jump for joy. I suspect it was news like this, plus other sales for clustering, that prompted Sony to turn off the 'Other OS' feature for existing PS3s."
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Shortsighted Sony
by ano69 on Mon 5th Apr 2010 09:03 UTC
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Well, as CELL is stopped being developed by IBM, Sony should have pushed the CELL processor at least to the market that they didn't create, e.g. the scientific and high-performance computing.

I was going to buy a PayStation 3 (no PlayStation, name changed on purpose) just to have the CELL architecture around to tinker with its computational capabilities. An IBM CELL solution is much too expensive for me.

Now i'm going to reconsider this.

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