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Apple Yeah, just in case people think we forgot: Apple launched its iPad today. It's just that since the rest of the web is pretty much clogged with iPad "news" items at this point, I don't really know what to add; who'd you rather hear from, someone who owns one, or someone like me, the small orphan child pressing his face to the glass of a candy shop full of delight he can't afford (because he lives in the wrong country)? About the only meaningful item I've seen today is Engadget's iPad review, so let's take a quick look at that one.
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It's a marketing thing to force them to buy unwanted / overhyped / overbiased / not-that-good products just because some CEO wants his invested money to return.
They used to tell us that 'they invested unhealthy amounts of money in the product X' just like this fact alone could ever make this product better ... they seem to forget that there's plenty of poorly designed product of high prices. Apple itself had some design fails in the past and iPad can become one of these.

A lot of people seem to confuse marketing and advertising. Marketing is understanding what your market wants, providing that and then letting people know you have it. Some people seem to think that you can simply do the latter and have a product succeed. In fact it's not true.

It's interesting that you used the words "force to buy" as if marketing is some kind of magically binding spell. Of course it is not, you are not "forced" to buy gadgets.

As you also pointed out, Apple have had it's failures and no amount of advertising was able to compensate for the fact that people did not want or need those failed products.

Yes Apple are very good marketers and they are quite often able to understand what will sell well. This however is a necessary function of a corporation that is intended to make money.

Yes Apple are good at marketing, if you are going to make and sell successfully, you have to be.

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