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GNU, GPL, Open Source It's a simple equation. Results = Developers x Time; and for Songbird, it's not working out. Yesterday, they announced they will drop Linux support in favour of Windows, Mac and to meet plans to include video features in the next release. The comments are intensely angry, as you can imagine. An untested Linux version will be kept around "for use by our Songbird engineers who develop on the Linux platform".
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RE[5]: Video support?
by monodeldiablo on Tue 6th Apr 2010 03:47 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Video support?"
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"No, I haven't tried it as I don't use Beagle nor Tracker. I have no need to search for my files as I know where they are."

You should try them out, then, because you misunderstand their purpose. They don't just track the location of your files, but also the metadata and content of your files. That means that you can enter the artist, album, track title, genre, or any other metadata field into Hum's search bar and it'll list any matching media.

It's pretty sweet, and it's desktop-wide. A classic example of simple, reusable code.

"do you really need a menubar in addition to button bar? It duplicates functionality and really brings nothing to the table you can't achieve just by clicking the buttons. Simple way to fix this could be adding a button on the right -- separate from the player controls -- that by clicking on it would drop down a menu with "Preferences", "About", and if you come up with something important to add there."

Personally, I'm right there with you. I almost never use the menu bar. In fact, I usually use hotkeys wherever possible. My wife, though, is totally different, and prefers the menu bar in most applications (she's not a native English speaker, and a lot of the icons are cute plays on words in English, but ambiguous or meaningless in other languages). Also, I believe there are good accessibility reasons for having more than one way to perform an action.

"I personally like to rate my songs and I know many who also do, so adding a 5-star rating system on either side of the time-elapsed-slider would be nice, especially since it feels the slider wastes screen space quite a lot. (Does it really have to be 100% of the window width?)"

I plan on integrating ratings support in the near future. I like your idea of sticking the ratings somewhere readily accessible, though. I had planned to stick it in the properties popup for a given song (a la Rhythmbox), but that's a lot of clicks to say that you like a song.

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