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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Engadget has managed to get hold of a very interesting internal presentation slide from Hewlett-Packard which compares Apple's iPad to HP's very own Slate. Since we didn't yet know anything about the Slate's specifications, this one is pretty revealing. While that's interesting in and of itself, the slide is also interesting in that it illustrates so well what sets Apple apart from companies like HP.
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RE[2]: SSD and Windows 7
by Earl Colby pottinger on Tue 6th Apr 2010 13:00 UTC in reply to "RE: SSD and Windows 7"
Earl Colby pottinger
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Wireless now works, Ethernet requires the patch I have posted on Haikuware. Sound only comes from the internal speakers, I still can't get the out-jacks to work.

The video port is great, when at home I run on an external monitor at 1280 by 1024. And battery life is over eight hours in Haiku, I think the longest I have ran it was 8:45 when I first got it. My optical mouse seems to use a lot of power, I lost about an hour's life when using it.

And check out webpositive.

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