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Editorial A few years ago I wrote on OSNews several articles (1,2) about workstations. After three years I had to stop, because there were no workstations left on the market, they became legacy and were not sold any more. Now with the rise of mobile devices with touchscreen and wireless network connectivity virtually everywhere, the question becomes valid, what will happen with the desktop computers, are they still needed, or will they follow the workstations on their way to computer museums?
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Demise of the desktop apps
by Lennie on Tue 6th Apr 2010 22:20 UTC
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OK, I've been predicting it for years, the desktop apps are going to be less and less significant, they will be replaced by webbased applications.

This is the only reason netbooks and iPad, etc. make any sense. Because you don't need any powerfull machine on your lap/desk to do any of this (although the powerfull machine of the old days is slower than what you have in your backpack these days).

And if your argument is, 'but they are using the appstore instead'.

Apple's policy on their appstore is they review everything, the same with Google and so on. But this just slows developers down. So the developers who know how to build webapplications will do that instead of building apps for appstores.

They also work on many devices, instead of having to support several platforms.

The others are slowly starting to learn this I think.

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