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Windows Ah, Intel's IA-64 architecture. More commonly known as Itanium, it can probably be seen as a market failure by now. Intel consistently failed to deliver promised updates, and clock speeds have lagged behind. Regular x86-64 processors have already overtaken Itanium, and now Microsoft has announced that Windows Server 2008 R2 is the last version of Windows to support the architecture.
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by mojmir on Wed 7th Apr 2010 08:27 UTC in reply to "Comment by Ravyne"
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I thought Itanium was still producing strong performance in certain scientific workloads though?

I doubt so.. maybe true in past, but there's cheaper horsepower available today.

Itanium is an interesting technology, and...

... as well as it is an historicaly interesting screw-up :] Really.

Sparc failed, MIPS failed, Alpha failed (even with a huge performance advantage at the time), PowerPC failed (even after a good run), and now Itanium has seemingly failed.

I would not call Sparc failure (yet) as Sunacle seems to believe in it, MIPS reincarnated in China and PowerPC is in fact very successful: there is ppc in every ps3, two of them in every x360.. that makes dozens of millions ppc cpu sold. And there is Power7 coming.

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