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BSD and Darwin derivatives DragonFly BSD 2.6.1 has been released. "There are numerous big-ticket features in this release as found in the release notes, plus a ton of stability and performance work."
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RE[3]: Coming along.
by kaiwai on Wed 7th Apr 2010 10:57 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Coming along."
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Yes, I'm curious what part of that requires dragonfly?

I like the roadmap and the design of hammerfs, not sure what the real tangible benefits of them are exactly. When designing an entire system like this, its tough to keep up with all of the other performance improvements in oses with more manpower.

I think dragonfly needs to a better job of "selling the dream" with specific use cases and a plan of how to get there from here, to enlist some fellow dreamers. Maybe even some dreamers with a business plan that builds on the dream.

I fear Dragonfly may end up being Plan 9 V2, a technically superiorly designed os by brilliant engineers, that isn't better enough than its predecessor.

Correct me if I am wrong but as I understand it DragonflyBSD approaches the issue of scalability from a different angle than traditional operating systems so what it should mean is that in the long run - in a world of multicoreness that we'll see operating systems like DragonflyBSD pull ahead of the competition because of the fundamental underpinnings that make it different from other operating systems.

Occasionally it takes not only a better operating system but also the right circumstances in the industry that results in the emergence of that operating system being 'the in thing' - just as Linux emerged as the good enough alternative to expensive proprietary UNIX's when it was first started to be used in ISP's. It was good enough and cheaper, now the other benefits that existed back then (open source) are only now starting to be appreciated by the mainstream.

Good things take time and I have a feeling that the lead programmer is quite happy to plod along at a steady pace knowing that the goal will be reached.

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