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Editorial A few years ago I wrote on OSNews several articles (1,2) about workstations. After three years I had to stop, because there were no workstations left on the market, they became legacy and were not sold any more. Now with the rise of mobile devices with touchscreen and wireless network connectivity virtually everywhere, the question becomes valid, what will happen with the desktop computers, are they still needed, or will they follow the workstations on their way to computer museums?
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RE: the end of the laptop
by FunkyELF on Wed 7th Apr 2010 15:28 UTC in reply to "the end of the laptop"
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Maybe it's the end of the laptop...

The real work is done on Desktops...
The real gaming is done on a Console...
and the wireless web surfing will be done on these iPads.

Doubtfull. Switch laptop with desktop and you may have something there.

I could see Apple dropping iMac and mac mini because their Macbooks are just about as powerful but keeping the Mac Pro workstations for power users.

I can see Dell doing this somewhat already. Most of their desktops are small little things with TV hookups.

In reality though, most everything will stay. There is a big enough market for computers of all capabilities and sizes. Compare this to what has been happening in the DSLR realm. You got medium format vs. full frame vs. APS-C vs. Micro-Four-Thirds. People have been saying for a while that the middle will disappear and it will be full frame vs. Micro-Four-Thirds. But you have Canon with the middle 2 acting like medium format and micro-four thirds don't exist. Then you have Pentax with just the extremities. In reality they will all stick around for a while.

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