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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's tablet week on the internet, and now it's time for the Joo Joo to take centre stage again (after the iPad and HP's upcoming Slate). Engadget received its review unit last week, and yesterday, they published their review of the device. In what will surely not come as a total surprise to anyone, their conclusion is that while the hardware is decent and slick, the software is not.
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I still like..
by cutterjohn on Wed 7th Apr 2010 15:48 UTC
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The idea of tablets, but I wish that someone would add in handwritten character recognition to them.

JooJoo seems to be EXTREMELY limited in terms of storage, but otherwise decent. [EDIT] This also make JooJoo WAY too expensive for it's retail price point, along with it's pathetic battery runtime. [/EDIT]

iPad gets a dealbreaker by no user-replaceable battery, no SD card slot, and no USB connectivity.

So... I'm still awaiting. Maybe Apple will give up and release another revised iPad with replaceable battery and at least a USB port... should look up exactly what that 30pin port is that engadget mentioned as well as mentioning that ALL Apple mobile devices have them, so there might be some I/O there as 30pins is WAY more than what's needed for charging. OTOH is the question of just which pins did Apple actually connect. There's no reason that they have to wire up everything as they have on other devices, could've just been cheaper to use the larger connector.

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