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Internet & Networking Websites for over a decade have been transitioning to the Model-View-Controller paradigm, separating data from formatting and user interaction in their code bases. Unfortunately, this has meant not only the end of ugly early 90's vintage Geocities pages, but also of the era of digital, or more specifically computeral craftsmanship. The future of computers will depend on those artists, scholars, and programmers who can reunify content with format and remake programming as an art.
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A vision I don't share
by skandalfo on Wed 7th Apr 2010 20:21 UTC
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Do you want to have full control over the integration of content and formatting? Just upload a bitmap image to the server. Here are your pixels.

And if you find your graphics editor too arcane to handle, just draw your "content" on a piece of paper and scan it.

-- end of the extrapolation beyond the limit of the absurd --

Yes. Nowadays many people tries to separate data from presentation and interaction. And handling each part of the puzzle is going to require knowledge in a different field. So a given person wants to build his own website that way, he's going to study a little bit more than when everything was pure HTML.

Of course things have got more elaborate... if you want to handle everything. But it's being done that way for good reasons, flexibility being the chief one.

I mean, having different ways to access the same content is actually a good thing. You don't want to take your 24 inch monitor with you in your pocket when travelling by train, for instance. And accessibility is no more than another facet of that flexibility. If you are visually impaired, just move to a theme with a bigger font or extreme contrast, or let the data be processed by an automated screen reader.

If you don't want to discriminate against some user or another one, your craftsman would have to render every combination (M messages times N medias), while separation allows to reduce the overall work required (M messages plus N medias), and to assign each kind of work to someone who specializes to do it well once and forever.

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