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Games Good times, good times. Sony received a ton of deserved flak after it announced it would remove the PlayStation 3's "Install other OS" feature, despite advertising the machine with said feature, and despite promising only a few weeks earlier not to remove the feature. iPhone and PS3 hacker George "Geohot" Hotz promised to restore the feature - and less than a week later, he delivers.
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RE[2]: How is this legal?
by Teknoenie on Thu 8th Apr 2010 01:00 UTC in reply to "RE: How is this legal?"
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Not only that, some people didn't know that OtherOS was being removed when they updated, since the changelog is in no way shown when you update from the PS3. I've heard of several cases where people lost data (usually personal stuff like photos). Since the drive is encrypted, I don't think they can get their data back at the moment.

This is not at all correct. If you read the update information you would have clearly seen that the OtherOS option was being removed. It was quite clear to anyone who reads what each update does. It was so clear in fact that they even mentioned that those who utilized the OtherOS option should back up their data prior to applying the patch. Those who don't read the update info prior to applying them are bound to run into these types of issues, such as data loss. It's their fault.

I was a user of the OtherOS option, mainly for CBE development, and I'm incredibly sad to see this functionality removed. Bad Sony! Bad, Bad, Bad!

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