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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Last Friday HTC unveiled its entry-level Smartphone, aptly named the Smart. [...] However, what we'd like to tell you about is not the new handset, but instead what happened during the press event inside the Taipei 101. This news story hasn't made it outside of Taiwan so far and we felt it was worth reporting on, despite the event taking place a few days ago. As the press conference was drawing to a close and the group photos were about to be taken, the event was gate crashed by representatives for one of HTC's suppliers. A woman came in shouting with several other people following her and there was a general confusion among the media at the event. The HTC PR representatives were doing their best to drag her away from the stage, while she was trying to hand over some kind of a list to Peter Chou, the president and CEO of HTC."
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Unions were a response to industrialization and currently like Britain and the US at the beginning of the Labour movements Taiwan, China, India and the majority of countries in the world don't have strong, enforced or any labour laws. People are exploited buy their employers because well, more work + less pay equals higher profit. labour movements will happen in these countries it's just a question of when.

It's worth mentioning Taiwan has only been a democracy for 23 years. During their industrialization they were under martial law and a one party system. How does the similar time frame strike ya.

I hope for this so people in these countries can enjoy our quality of life.

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