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Internet & Networking Websites for over a decade have been transitioning to the Model-View-Controller paradigm, separating data from formatting and user interaction in their code bases. Unfortunately, this has meant not only the end of ugly early 90's vintage Geocities pages, but also of the era of digital, or more specifically computeral craftsmanship. The future of computers will depend on those artists, scholars, and programmers who can reunify content with format and remake programming as an art.
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When we write something by hand, that action is really literal: glyphs are format and content. But in a broader sense, coding with MVC utterly lacks the dramatic unity of, say, designing a building or creating a sculpture.

I disagree with the conjecture that other mulit-step, multi-skill, and often multi-person tasks like publishing, architecture and sculpting are uniquely unified in a way that MVC is not.

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