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Editorial Car analogies are quite popular on internet discussion forums, and ours is no exception. The problem with these analogies, however, is that they are usually quite flimsy, and a recent popular one is no exception. A number of people are now arguing that computer makers' move towards closed platforms (Apple, Sony, and so on) is akin to people no longer being able to service cars on their own. This analogy, which looks sound on a superficial level, breaks down when you spend more than five minutes contemplating it.
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coming soon - the iCar
by fretinator on Thu 8th Apr 2010 17:06 UTC
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Dealer: Are you interested in purchasing our insanely great iCar?

Prospect: Maybe. This is best looking car I have ever seen. It almost looks hand-crafted. The lines are gorgeous. I see this white one is a 4-cylinder. Can I get an 8-cylinder in white?

Dealer: No, no, the 8-cylinder is titanium silver. The 6-cylinder is red.

Prospect: I guess I could just get it painted after I buy it.

Dealer: I'm sorry, but that would void the warranty.

Prospect: Ummm..OK. Well, I was noticing that there was no hood on the front. How do I get to the engine, the battery, etc?

Dealer: There are no user-serviceable components on the iCar. We make it easy. If anything goes wrong, just bring it in to our service center.

Prospect: I see. I noticed there is no gas cap.

Dealer: That's our patented "Magno-cap". Just bring your car to our service center and we'll fill 'er up!

Prospect: Yikes! Well, one last thing. Where's the trunk?

Dealer: No need for extra storage. We provide the "Car-Go" service. For a small fee, will transfer any items to where you are going. It easy!

The prospect finds this all very strange, but is overcome by the absolute beauty of the vehicle. Besides, all the other executives at the company are getting one. He buys.

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