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Humor Yes, this is turning into a series - welcome to episode 3 (1, 2). Apple has been granted a patent on Cover Flow. This is a design patent, not a utility one; in other words, not the implementation is patented, but the look. "Think of it as covering the distinctive shape of a Coke bottle and not how it works and you'll get it," Engadget explains. This means that anyone implementing something that looks even remotely similar is in danger of getting sued by Apple. Compiz, Songbird, you're boned.
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No one sues a project.
by rimzi on Thu 8th Apr 2010 17:41 UTC
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Compiz, Songbird, you're boned.

No one sues a project - it would make no sense.
Not even a sponsoring company, if it does not identify itself with the project.

On the other hand, I thought software patents are worst patent case, because they patent mathematical things.
I was wrong - with design patents one can sue based on how the software looks ;/

Shitty system you have there, USA...

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