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Editorial Car analogies are quite popular on internet discussion forums, and ours is no exception. The problem with these analogies, however, is that they are usually quite flimsy, and a recent popular one is no exception. A number of people are now arguing that computer makers' move towards closed platforms (Apple, Sony, and so on) is akin to people no longer being able to service cars on their own. This analogy, which looks sound on a superficial level, breaks down when you spend more than five minutes contemplating it.
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RE: coming soon - the iCar
by JAlexoid on Thu 8th Apr 2010 20:46 UTC in reply to "coming soon - the iCar"
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Dealer: There are no user-serviceable components on the iCar. We make it easy. If anything goes wrong, just bring it in to our service center.

You forgot to add:
Prospect: How much will the winter tires cost me?
Dealer: Winter tires? Sir, we have a separate iCar coming out just before the winter tire season, I would suggest coming down then to buy your winter version.

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