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Apple Today, Apple held a special press event at its campus in Cupertino during which it revealed and demonstrated the new features that are going into the fourth version of the iPhone operating system. The company focussed on 7 'tentpole' features, the most prominent of which is... Multitasking.
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RE[5]: Wait, what?
by robmv on Thu 8th Apr 2010 21:38 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Wait, what?"
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Same here, I must be using the best phone on the market, because it is like 4 years old (Sony Ericsson M600i) using a dead interface (UIQ), and it is able to multitask, never had a problem or error message because it is out of memory, I open a lot applications, Opera Mini included (Java based), and the task manager close the least used applications (that are well written to save its state)

Jobs "Some of the earlier hardware can’t support multitasking at all", what my old phone can do it but and old iPhone can not? crazy right?

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