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Microsoft "While Adobe has been getting most of the press recently for their Flash 10.1 RC, Microsoft has quietly announced their plans to release the final version of Silverlight 4.0 as early as next week. This major update will provide more fundamental changes than prior iterations, including Google Chrome support, better performance (up to 200% over Silverlight 3), improved security with digital signing and sandboxing, and greater control for developers."
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Very solid
by arbour42 on Fri 9th Apr 2010 03:16 UTC
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I've been watching the videos from Mix, and doing the new tutorials focusing on LOB apps, and Silverlight has made a huge jump in this release.

The easy way you can tie data entry apps to the backend using WCF RIA services is impressive, along with making one-to-many-to-many data-entry apps.

And if you look at the data controls that are now coming out from .NET 3rd party developers, Silverlight is far ahead of Flash and the JS frameworks. They are putting the whole company behind it now.

One last point: one of the Mix videos was about making large-scale data apps with Silverlight. They were asked why not use Ajax? They said Ajax and Javascript would have blown out their budget. Too much testing time because of browser issues, and much more development time. SL isn't perfect, but they came in under budget and got good results.

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