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IBM And thus our true colours reveal. IBM made a patent pledge in 2005, promising not to sue open source projects over a list of 500 patents the computer giant holds. Today, however, IBM has threatened to sue TurboHercules, a French open source software house which provides support for the Hercules open source s390 mainframe emulator. Some of the patents in question are on the 500 list.
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RE[8]: *sigh*
by foobar on Fri 9th Apr 2010 04:18 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: *sigh*"
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B: It is funny there is a market for TurboHercules, where people use it when their Mainframe crashes. I thought Mainframe never crashes? If there is market for this product, it means Mainframes crashes.

You're kidding right!? There's more to disaster recovery than crashes. All computers are susceptible to external events, i.e. power failures due to mother nature... UPS doesn't last forever, and is useless if the network is down. Don't pretend that Hercules is around because mainframes have more down time than every other platform.

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