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Apple John Gruber has found out that cross-compilers are no longer allowed in iPhone OS 4.0. "My reading of this new language is that cross-compilers, such as the Flash-to-iPhone compiler in Adobe's upcoming Flash Professional CS5 release, are prohibited. This also bans apps compiled using MonoTouch - a tool that compiles C# and .NET apps to the iPhone. It's unclear what this means for tools like Titanium and PhoneGap, which let developers write JavaScript code that runs in WebKit inside a native iPhone app wrapper. They might be OK."
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by fatjoe on Fri 9th Apr 2010 09:34 UTC in reply to "Battery"
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MonoTouch is not JIT, it is compiled to ARM binary. Given the current state of ARM C compilers, and the inefficiency of ObjC message hub, and the built-in SIMD support of Mono, I think the mono approach is actually more effective.

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