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Google This, people, is a big one. Remember all the articles we had on Theora, H264, and which codec is better suited for HTML5 video? Well, it seems that Google has officially decided to put some serious weight behind... Theora. What they're doing is a baby step, but one specific aspect of that baby step is very important: Google is openly stating that Theora is free of patents.
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Comment by mrsteveman1
by mrsteveman1 on Fri 9th Apr 2010 23:20 UTC
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This means that Google, a major company with a legal department the size of Texas, believes that Theora is not a patent threat.

Actually i think it just means that because they have a legal department "the size of Texas", they can afford to bet on Theora, that doesn't mean it's actually in the clear, only that they've calculated the risk and decided they can go with it.

They've already licensed h.264, meaning they're willing to pay for these things if necessary, so worst case they can license something from someone to make problems go away, because like their legal department they also have a huge bank account.

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