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Google This, people, is a big one. Remember all the articles we had on Theora, H264, and which codec is better suited for HTML5 video? Well, it seems that Google has officially decided to put some serious weight behind... Theora. What they're doing is a baby step, but one specific aspect of that baby step is very important: Google is openly stating that Theora is free of patents.
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It's one of the problems with patent law: it's so grey. There are 29 patent holders who claim a total of over 900 patents required by MPEG h.264. Maybe none of them cover anything in Theora, but it all comes down to the opinion of a non-specialist judge (district), and if you want to appeal, it goes to a federal court full of patent lawyers (CAFC).

(Using the USA as an example because, no matter where the companies or developers are, the litigation usually happens there.)

I did think of one merit for your idea: by putting up an easy target, there's be a strong implication of patent-freeness if no one did try to attack.

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