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Linux "To be clear about this article's intent, it's not to bash Microsoft, or Windows. Because to be fair, despite using Linux 95% of the time while I'm on the PC, I can find more faults with it than Windows. So, this article's goal is to highlight some of the major pluses of Linux, and also showcase where Windows could improve in the future, should Microsoft take heed of the suggestions."
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While i agree with most points, i have to say powershell beats any scripting language in linux i tried. Generally you manipulate a stream of objects instead of a stream of untyped text. This way you don't have to use strange awk or sed to get an attribute.

Handling complexer data structures is way easier in powershell. But as an interactive shell it's not that good. I can also open and directly manipulate excell via com objects, it's impossible to do something like this under linux (i mean like generating graphs in openoffice via bash, but please correct me if i'm wrong!) .

Take a look at and try to convert listing #3 to bash, then you wil know what i mean ;)

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