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Apple The backlash is starting to show. The most recent change in Apple's iPhone developer agreement isn't going down well. The change is clearly aimed at increasing lock-in, and seems to have little to nothing to do with anything else. While individual developers are hit hard, Adobe as a whole has been hit pretty hard too, giving rise to sentiments on the web that Adobe should abandon Mac development. I have the sneaking suspicion this is exactly what Apple is aiming for.
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Don't quite understand
by mightshade on Sat 10th Apr 2010 11:30 UTC
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How is the Creative Suite involved in this at all?
Perhaps I could understand people urging Adobe to discontinue Flash development for Mac (or iPhone, if there is any), as by the developer agreement, you're not allowed to write iPhone apps with it anyway. On the other hand, there are Apple's desktop and laptop computers, so there is a reason to keep Flash.
At best, I could understand if they would ask Adobe to kill their cross-compiler. Then again, the agreement might change after some time and enough pressure. (Someone at Apple needs a good wake-up slapping these days, it seems?)

But how does all this concern the CS? I don't see a reason besides primitive revenge. And Adobe can only win by not doing so. Especially in respect to their reputation, but it would also make no sense at all to quit that market. If the Apple fans can be trusted in saying "most artists use Macs" even more so.

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