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Debian and its clones "As many of our customers know, Libranet is a small company pioneered by the vision of Jon Danzig. The recent passing of Jon Danzig has necessitated changes to the way Libranet runs and does business. Libranet will be undergoing a period of restructuring during which we will not be be taking new orders. Libranet will continue to provide support for our existing customers, and the Libranet forum will remain open."
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RE: The Ubuntu effect?
by the_trapper on Sat 8th Oct 2005 02:16 UTC in reply to "The Ubuntu effect?"
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Ubuntu has been so successful in their open and free approach, so many other distros have taken notice and have changed direction or currently have plans to for the future.

Just look at SUSE's OpenSuSE for one big commercial to free comparison

'The Ubuntu effect' is what I call this 'wake up' call for people to open and free up their products/distros/etc.

That's funny. I seem to recall a certain little pioneering distro called Fedora Core that did the exact same thing before Ubuntu came on the scene.

Ubuntu 4.10 (The Warty Warthog): October 2004

Fedora Core 1 (Yarrow): November 2003

I'm sure Ubuntu is great and all...but they certainly didn't pioneer their development model.

Oh, and regarding SuSE/OpenSuSE, that move was most likely in response Red Hat, which SuSE (rightfully) sees as it's major competitor. There is some competition coming from Ubuntu, but Ubuntu isn't really strong in the server/corporate workstation space yet and probably just a peripheral blip on Novell/SuSE's proverbial radar.

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